Yolife Yogurt Maker and Starter

Yolife Yogurt Maker

Yolife Yogurt MakerYogurt is widely used all over the world as delicious and healthiest food that everyone enjoys including adults and kids. Yogurt contains essential and beneficial bacteria which must be alive. In order to have living microorganisms or bacteria, yogurt must be fresh and the only way to ensure that you need make your own yogurt. It is not sure that yogurts bought from store are probiotics or have living bacteria. There are so many reasons why store-bought yogurt might not be fully probiotics. For example, if the wrong variety of bacteria cultures used to create the yogurt, they may not provide you not more than the basic nutrition. Furthermore, even if the bacteria culture used were right to create yogurt, it might not be concentrated enough to survive through your stomach. Finally, if yogurt fulfills the above criteria at the time of creation, but while the yogurt is transported to the market and while it sits on store shelves the concentration of live and active bacteria may decrease rapidly. So finally we conclude that it is always beneficial to make your own yogurt at home which is fresh and full of live/active bacteria.
If you want create a fresh and creamy yogurt at home, The Yolife Yogurt Maker is the best option to do it. The fresh yogurt made with Yolife yogurt maker contains the good bacteria which relieves you from common digestive problems. Yolife has 7 convenient glass jars each is of 6 oz which can be used for every day of the week and includes 4 inch lid for each jar. Yolife’s glass jars are always durable and more suitable at higher temperatures than the plastic containers. For storing foods glass is always considered as safer material than plastic.

Key features:

1. This machine maintains an average temperature from 1000 F to 1100 F which provides the healthy and controlled environment for beneficial and essential bacteria (probiotics) to develop and grow rapidly.
2. Glass containers comes with the Yolife are dishwasher safe, Durable and heat resistant unlike plastic containers.
3. Yolife has convenient time dial to provide reminder when your yogurt is ready to eat.
4. It has features which automatically shut off machine before the yogurt is ready.
5. You can make small or large batches of yogurt as per your requirement with the help of Yolife.
6. It has 7 inch tall cover, which allows you to use larger containers to create yogurt as per your requirement.
7. No freezing is needed.
8. No batteries are required

Yolife Yogurt Starter

Yolife Yogurt Starter 1 oz. (30g) Bottle

Yolife Yogurt StarterMaking yogurt at home gives you option to choose which ingredients and yogurt starter you want to use. Always use the starter from a trusted manufacturer having essential bacteria which is beneficial to your health. Yolife Yogurt Starter is one of the best options to use in Yolife Yogurt Maker to produce fresh, creamy and smooth yogurt that is full of billions of essential bacteria which is beneficial for regulation of your digestive system and immune system. Yolife Yogurt Starter has a special mixture of four kinds of friendly bacteria that are helpful for your digestive system. It is a non-dairy product and also suitable for vegans who want to use soy milk to create yogurt.

Recipe to make yogurt using Yolife Yogurt Starter:

1. It is simple and easy way to make yogurt using Yolife Yogurt Starter.
2. Just add Two quart milk at about 110°F, 1/2 teaspoon starter and other ingredients you want like fruits for about 8 hours, and you will get ready to serve fresh and healthy yogurt.
3. Finally chill it in a refrigerator.


Combination of Yolife yogurt maker and Starter is the best option for making creamy, smooth and fresh yogurt conveniently and consistently filled with billions of live and active bacteria beneficial for your health. You never need to bother about cooling milk to particular temperature level; the Yolife takes care of everything. Yolife comes with 7 inch tall cover which allows you to produce either small or large batches of yogurt as per your requirement. Yolife automatically switch off when yogurt is ready. Yolife comes with glass jar which is always considered as hygienic and safer material than the plastic containers.

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