Salton Yogurt Maker Reviews


For those of us who are new to the concept of yogurt making, it is better to start with the explanation of what a yogurt maker really is and how it works. A yogurt maker, as it is obvious from the name, is a machine that runs on electricity and it has the capacity of enabling you to make yogurt at your home without any fuss of buying things from the market or having to work manually on the process of making yogurt. It is easy to use, very ergonomic and safe for usage at home. These yogurt makers have been specially designed to make the work of people who eat yogurt on a regular basis quite easier and economic as well. They come in various types and sizes and you can buy a yogurt maker depending upon the amount of yogurt that you would like to make a single serving. Apart from the capacity, there are numerous different brands that manufacture yogurt makers and to make it simpler for you, we have reviewed two of the best yogurt makers available in the market. Have a look and choose for yourself.

Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker

Salton yogurt Maker

An ergonomically designed yogurt maker in its league, the Salton YM9 is the most stylish looking yogurt processing machine you will come across. From its ultra trendy body to its easily portable weight and size, everything about this yogurt maker is attractive to the core.  Divided into two parts, this yogurt maker has an outer shell and base, an inner container in which you make yogurt and the lid which can be used as a tray at the time of usage.

The outer shell has an elastic make can be rinsed with warm water after usage. The container inside is one very helpful utensil which will prove to be thoroughly useful to you, owing to its smart and temperature proof makes. For instance, if you want to be frozen yogurt, you may go ahead and put this container in the refrigerator for freezing the dish. It won’t have any adverse affect on the container and you will be ready with frozen yogurt in just a few hours time.

The Salton yogurt maker comes with a yearlong warranty, thus, you can be sure of investing your money on the right product. It makes up to one quart of yogurt in a single processing and you can store this yogurt for almost a complete week, consuming as and when you need to.


  1. Ergonomic design and make.
  2. It is portable and lightweight compared to other yogurt makers.
  3. It can make up to one quart of yogurt in one processing.
  4. The container it comes with can be used for freezing the yogurt.
  5. The wires are all properly stored well under the base of the yogurt maker.
  6. It takes about four to ten hours for making the yogurt.

Vintage Salton Yogurt Maker Model GM-5

Salton Yogurt Maker GM5

The Vintage yogurt maker from Salton has been designed keeping in mind the kind of yogurt processors that were used in the nineteen seventies in households that were ardent consumers of yogurt, which was not a very popular dessert back then. A lot has changed over the years, but the quality of yogurt makers from the house of Salton has not and they still make unique and very durable yogurt makers with best in class features.Divided into five different tumblers like segments, the best and most ultimate feature about this yogurt maker is that you can make yogurt of five different flavors using this machine at the same time. In the usual machines, there is just one container with one single division and thus, you can make the yogurt just one taste in them. The containers are not too big either and you won’t end up making the excess of yogurt ever. If different people in your family like different fruits in their yogurt, you can easily make a yogurt of their taste using this maker. It takes the normal time that is taken by the yogurt makers to make yogurt. The second important quality is the weight of this yogurt maker, which is as less as two pounds. This makes it easy to carry and very portable which is a rare trait when we are talking about yogurt makers.

The designing has been done well and the vintage touch has been maintained. It is an ideal yogurt processing machine for a small family that does not necessarily consume a lot of yogurt on the daily basis. Since it does not consume much power, it is pocket-friendly too and can be used every day for making fresh yogurt before consumption.


  1. A vintage design with best in class features.
  2. It can make up to five different flavors of yogurt at one time.
  3. The weight of the machine is quite less and it is very portable.
  4. The yogurt maker is ideal for small families.
  5. It does not consume much power either.

To conclude it here, it is expected that you notice that these two yogurt makers are opposite of each other and have quite different features from each other. They are ideally suited for two different kinds of users depending upon their requirements, taste, capacity, and consumption. While the first one is ideal for people who need to make yogurt in bulk, the second one is suitable for the families who consume yogurt occasionally and do not make a lot of yogurt in the single processing. Since they are both manufactured by Salton, their services are not going to be very different and they will both be durable for a long time. Since it can get pretty costly if you buy yogurt from the market every day, it is better to opt for the ones made at home and it is advisable that you go for a good yogurt maker which has excellent features and comes with warranty coverage as well.

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