Organic Yogurt Brands

best organic yogurt brandsThe world is finally accepting the importance and need of organic food over non- organic one. They have various advantages over non-organic food. Made organically, these organic yogurts are made without using any toxic products, like unpasteurized fresh milk and organic cultures. Some of the best brands selling organic yogurt in the market are:

Earth’s Best:

Earth’s Best is a manufacturing brand that offer us absolutely toxin less organic foods which have countless health benefits. Their yogurt is made from natural fruits and organically made yogurt. The ingredients used are even grown without pesticides. The yogurt does not contain any artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Even their packaging is BPA free. They offer various organic formulas, snacks, meals and even body products for babies.

Happy Baby:

Happy Baby is a brand that manufactures 100% organic baby food products and yogurt which are processed in clean and hygienic conditions. All their products are made using organically grown ingredients in sustainable family farms and similarly processed yogurt. Their food is safe for the baby and recycled materials are used in their packaging too. Some part of their earning goes to feeding poor children over the world as well. Their products are definitely the best for little babies.

Gerber Graduates:

Innovative like their name, even the yogurt manufactured by them is very innovative and organic too. They make yogurt melts which are like a snack, in various flavors. The fruits used in making these snacks are absolutely pesticide and toxin free and is grown by using Eco-friendly methods. The yogurt is made organically as well. Their yogurt is even USDA certified as an organic product. Their products are absolutely healthy and safe for feeding young kids as well. Gerber Graduates can be trusted blindly when it comes to quality of their yogurt snacks.

Happy Squeeze:

Happy squeeze is a brand established by a Non Residential Indian Women and they take a special care of health and nutrition of young kids. The fruits and other ingredients they use in processing their yogurts are grown in pesticide free farms. Organic foods are manufactured by Happy Squeeze keeping in mind the tryst of a mother for ensuring that she is feeding safe and properly manufactured yogurt to her baby. They have a clear goal of keeping nutrition and safety first, and then come business.

Plum Organics:

The yogurt manufactured by the house of plum organics is made keeping in mind the importance of feeding hundred percent organic and chemical free food to babies. They manufacture a whole line of organic baby foods and yogurt is just another one of them. They believe that offering organic is the only way to give the best food to your baby. They process it all very hygienically, from the soil being toxin free to the natural manure use in growing the fruits and vegetables they sell. They ensure to provide the best quality yogurt to your little ones and which is organically made.

Wallaby Organic Yogurt:

Inspired from the word lullaby, their products are also inspired to be nature friendly and organic. They make deliciously creamy and rich yogurt which can be consumed by kids as well as the adults. Their organically prepared Greek yogurt is absolutely fat free and authentically strained. They ensure purity of the product by feeding their cattle organically grown fodder and using their unpasteurized milk for the making this yogurt. The taste of this yogurt is phenomenally amazing and you’re sure going to love it more than the inorganically prepared yogurts. Their products are made using milk from cows raised in local pasture based farms in California.

Stonyfield Organic:

Stonyfield was developed in an attempt to help family farms survive, to protect the environment and to keep the business of food and food production healthy through non profit organic farming methods. Their yogurt is absolutely toxin and chemical free and the processing is very hygienically done too. The milk used in making this yogurt is absolutely unpasteurized and pure. Same goes for the added fruits too. It is not cultural flavoring but organically farm grown fruits which have no chemical content in them. It is very good for health and tastes all the same amazing too.

Love Child Organics:

The organic yogurt from love child organics is without any doubt, one of the tastiest and safest yogurts you’ll ever eat. They deliver truly healthy and organic yogurt for babies, which is often enjoyed by grown ups too. The recipe of the yogurt is homemade and all the ingredients used are nutritionally rich and natural. The fruits used for flavoring the yogurt are grown without any use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and other harmful disinfectants. They ensure that the yogurt your baby eats is absolutely healthy and does not contain any toxins at all. Their name itself speaks out loud for their care and concern for every child.

Simply Organic:

Simply organic aims at providing the generation obsessed with fast foods, a healthy and better lifestyle by manufacturing organic yogurt and yogurt dip mixes. By ensuring and promoting the use of organic food and yogurt, they want to reduce the amount of pesticides, toxins and chemicals that pollute our environment and our bodies too. The ingredients used in making their yogurts and yogurt mixes like herbs, spices, various seasonings and milk are all organically grown and processed. There yogurt can be consumed without worrying about any added chemicals.

Maple Hill Creamery:

Maple Hill creamery manufactures organically made and healthy to consume yogurt which has several health benefits too. They take organic to a whole news level by rearing their own cattle for getting milk to make yogurt which is hundred percent organic. They don’t just aim at providing human kind with a healthier lifestyle but also give back to nature more than they take from it by not using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides and by their hundred percent grass fed dairy (and obviously, the grass is organically grown too!)

Little Duck Organics:

The manufacturers of yogurt and other products at little duck organics claim to make absolutely organic food items by using the best ingredients that there can be. Their yogurt is minimally processed and has a very high nutrient content. There is a bit of sugar added too, but that is just for ensuring perfect biological functioning. The yogurt they offer has a delicious taste and a very creamy and rich luster too. It is organically made and its toxin content is zero. You can feed it to your infant without any issues to worry about.

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