How to Make Yogurt With a Yogurt Maker?

Yogurt is probably the only food product that tastes sweet and at the same time keeps you fit as well. The other food products that are sweet make you fat and flabby but not yogurt. It has a great effect on your metabolism and your body’s immunity gets a great deal better if you are a regular yogurt consumer, as it contains good bacteria which add up to your healthy life.

Although, many of us find eating yogurt a rather expensive way to improve out immunity since it gets pretty costly if you buy it for everyday consumption from the market. There is also a chance of the yogurt not having been made from pure resources. Therefore, to keep it economical and pocket-friendly for your budget, it is advisable to get a yogurt maker for your home rather than buy yogurt for your everyday consumption from the market. A yogurt maker is easy to use appliance which runs on electricity and is easy to use for making homemade yogurt.


  • Milk for making yogurt (any milk works- normal, soy milk, goat milk or almond milk)
  • Something to add flavor to the yogurt- you can use jam, coffee or artificial flavoring agents as well.
  • Good bacteria for culturing the yogurt.
  • To avoid many hassles, you can also use store brought yogurt for the culturing the first time you make yogurt. There would not be any need for bacteria and flavoring then.


  • On the off chance that you are making a gallon of yogurt, you require a gallon of milk as well. It is a straightforward and simple calculation. For making six quarts of milk you are going to need approximately six quarts of milk too. This entire milk will make thicker yogurt. You can also utilize half entire milk and half 1% milk on the grounds that it spares a minimal expenditure since we all go by the fact that low-fat milk is less expensive and keeps you fat-free. Despite everything you do and mix to the yogurt, it turns out really thick. Start by heating the milk in a wide mouthed pot until it comes to 190°. You do not have to stick around as this thing will take quite a while. An entire gallon of milk can take 20-30 minutes to get all warmed up. Do not leave it absolutely ignored either or else it is going to spill all over after overheating which will be an immense wreckage. Even if the temperature goes a bit higher, cool it up a little and bring it to 190°. Please note that the temperature plays a very vital role in rendering a good taste to the yogurt.
  • Once you are done heating up the milk up to the required temperature, fill a sink of water with ice cubes. This will increase the speed at the next step which is cooling and culturing.
  • Set a wide based dish in the sink – one that will hold all your milk and buoy in the water. There are plenty of such utensils available in the market. The milk must chill off to 115°. When you do this in a sink full of ice cubes and cold water it just takes around five petty minutes. On the off chance that you do not utilize a frigid sink, it takes quite a while and you will have wait for a long time over it.
  • Presently, having reached this step, you require half measure of plain yogurt. Please note that you might need to increase the amount of yogurt depending upon the quantity of milk you are using. At that point take out some of the warm milk and whisk it together in the little bowl until it gets frothy. What you are doing is blending the warm milk with the starter which would otherwise have been bacteria and culturing step. A starter is a plain yogurt, just simply that. Usually, people use the ‘All Natural Plain Yogurt by DANONE’ for this purpose since it comes cheap and is natural. There are starter packs too available in the market for the people who do not intend to use yogurt for this. After your first time, you can utilize the yogurt you make as starter. Simply remember how old the yogurt is, on the grounds that as you get to third of fourth day, the yogurt you make begins getting runnier and a bit sour too.
  • Having mixed the yogurt in a little amount of milk, you can pour it back into the major milk container and whisk it all together to mix it evenly.
  • Having done that, pour the mixture of milk and yogurt into the containers of the yogurt maker. Your yogurt maker does not need to be of any specific brand as such. Any brand works just fine. However, try to have a bucket which fits in your refrigerator easily.
  • Place these containers with the mixture back into the yogurt maker appliance. Again, the appliance you use does not have to be of a specific brand as long as it is working fine For buying one of the best yogurt makers in the market, you can refer to yogurt maker reviews and buy the appliance accordingly. It is, however, suggestible to buy two-quart yogurt producer, or something like it since it has a good capacity. You can go for the yogurt makers that have the capacity of as much as four quarts per processing. You could likewise get a yogurt producer that gives you an arrangement of little glass jugs, the only difficulty being washing those seven jugs every time. Set your clock for around 10 hours. Although, regular yogurt makers have found that eleven processing hours give your yogurt the taste you like. Meanwhile, do whatever you want to. Simply ensure that the yogurt containers well packed and airtight.

Although it would have been easier for you if you had an electric yogurt maker but they are pretty expensive to be affordable for one and all therefore, go by this yogurt maker. It just requires manual labor, but you can surely do that.

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