How to Make Natural Yogurt

make natural yogurtFor a healthy living and positive thinking, it is important to keep a check on what you consume. Health, as we know has two basic components- the proper functioning of our body and consumption of good food. However, most of the food products that we consume today are impure. The vegetables and fruits are infected with pesticide and insecticide chemicals, the wheat and rice we eat has a chemical in the form of fertilizers. The processed food is the most harmful one. Even the healthy stuff that we buy from the market has some artificial products added to them to enhance their taste and texture. Take yogurt, for instance, we eat yogurt believing that it will have a good effect on our health but in reality even yogurt has added preservatives and chemicals.

Almost ninety percent of our food products are impure. Therefore, it is advisable to make and grow your own food using nature-friendly and organic methods for it. For instance, you can always make your own yogurt if you are an ardent yogurt eater. A natural or organic yogurt has much more health benefits than other yogurt makers.

What Exactly Is Natural Yogurt?

Natural yogurt or organic yogurt is the kind of yogurt that is hundred percent chemical free. All it contains is naturally grown and naturally cooked food. There is no market bought culture added in it or anything that is market brought.

You Are Going To Need:

1. Milk – if you want one quart of yogurt, you need to have one quart of milk for it.
2. Thermometer- Temperature is an important part of the procedure.
3. A bucket like a container for refrigerating it.
4. A big spoonful of yogurt.

Steps to Follow:

  1. The most vital thing that is going to be your requirement for making yogurt is an effective technology to keep it warm. For the span of the few minutes to hours, you have to keep the milk hotter than ninety-five and colder than a hundred and eighteen and it does not happen easily. Clearly the most straightforward approach and technology to do it is to just buy a yogurt maker. There are numerous types, designs and varieties available. Some have a collection of little mugs for the processing, others have one expansive and wide mouthed holder. At the point when these sorts of buys are not in the financial backing, different tactics are utilized.
    One is to utilize the warmth from the electric boilers. Another is to fill a cooler with boiling hot water and put an artisan jug of yogurt into that cooler. On the off chance that the water cools too early basically keep changing it with boiling point water once more. Some have an intricate strategy for utilizing their slow cooker and turning it now and again on a higher heat level, as expected to keep their milk in the right temperature range. A yogurt maker is the best way to get going, though. It is a one-time investment and will probably last longer than your lifetime, be assured of that.
  2. Once you have maintained the desired temperature, make an ice bucket prepared for cooling the milk.
  3. Take a wide based container which has a wide base and can be afloat in the water. Put it in the ice bath you prepared and let it cool. The ice bath makes it less time consuming to cool down. Otherwise, it could have easily taken several hours.
  4. Next, the large spoonful of yogurt shall be taken in a jar which you are going to use for making the yogurt and refrigerating it. Take about 1/4th cup of the cooling milk and stir it with almost half serving of yogurt. Wisk it until it is uniformly distributed. Now after you have mixed it well and evenly, add the remaining milk in the bucket too and mix it all evenly again. Once it is uniformly mixed and the froth starts showing out, it is good to go.
  5. Now, if you want a flavor to be added in this you can add whatever homemade natural flavors you have available. For example, coffee granules, jam of different fruits or even the squashed fruits themselves can be added. They would not have any effect on the processing of the naturally made yogurt. In case you want sweetness, add a few sugar granules too. Keep it as per your taste. That is the best advantage of making homemade yogurt organically.
  6. Having added all that you wanted to, it is now time to start the process. Mix up all the ingredients well again and tighten the lid of the bucket in which you are making the yogurt. Make sure to close it tightly so that it does not keep leaking after the storage. Please do ensure that the bucket is airtight as well.
  7. Wrap this bucket or jar in a thick piece of cloth, something like a towel or an AC Blanket would work wonderfully fine. Wrap it up properly without exposing any of its surfaces. Now put it in a closed space. Putting it in an oven is an ideal place. You can out under the clothes in your closet too. Having done that, leave it undisturbed for the next twenty-four hours straight. Do not shake it or move the jar. No shuffling around it should happen.
  8. After twenty-four straight hours, when you open the jar you will have a freshly prepared, naturally made, the home served yogurt. The texture might be a wee bit thinner than what you experience in a yogurt you buy from the market as this one is naturally made. But the taste remains all the same delicious.


Natural yogurt is easy to make and does not require buying any appliance like yogurt maker for it. It is an ideal method for making yogurt if you are not much concerned about its texture and thickness as the taste remains all the same wonderful. Naturally made yogurt is also absolutely chemical free.

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