Donvier Yogurt Maker Reviews

Almost every individual becoming more and more hectic and unorganized, the need for consuming healthy and vitamin rich food is increasing. The people today need to move on from burgers and pizza to healthy nutritional food like yogurt. Organically rich in vitamins and proteins, the best part about yogurt is that it does not contain any carbohydrates which are major health spoilers. The consumption of yogurt is also said to be boosting the metabolism of one’s body.

In order to consume yogurt regularly, it is advisable to go for home made yogurt rather than the yogurt brought from market because homemade yogurt is both pocket friendly and free of any added artificial elements. Therefore, a yogurt maker is an important appliance for every home that eats healthy for a happy living. To make sorting out the perfect yogurt maker easier for you here is a review of two very popular models of yogurt maker from the manufacturing house of Donvier. Check them out.

Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker

Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt MakerNothing says automatic and fully functional like this Cuisipro Yogurt maker from the house of Donvier which comes with the best in class features and major advanced technology options. It is one of the smartest yogurt making machines available in the market and you surely will love its make whether it is it’s light weight design or it’s ergonomic portability options. This is an ideal product for the modern homes of urban cities.

Divided into eight different segments of very suitable size, this yogurt maker is ideally suited for making eight different flavors of yogurt at the same time, without much hassle of cleaning and redoing due to this very innovative make of it. These containers are capable of holding the yogurt separately from each other. The lower base is made up of insulated plastic which is ideal for usage of youngsters and does not cause any security issues. The thermometer on the front is LCD enables which adds another touch of classy and stylish to this yogurt maker.

Talking of add on features that this yogurt maker has, the first one in the list is the unique new heater base that saves you from the trouble of boiling the milk for the yogurt making process. Not to forget the new and unique thermometer stirrer which is one of its kinds? To make the process easy and labor free for the users, the maker comes with 8 BPA-free jars and lids, a unit cover, and user manual with recipes of different types of yogurts so that you do not have trouble making fresh yogurt for the first time.


  1. Fully automatic and requires no manual labour.
  2. It can easily make eight different types of yogurts in just one single processing.
  3. The plastic containers it comes with are of absolutely BPA free plastic make.
  4. The base has an inbuilt heater that boils the milk automatically.
  5. Has an ergonomic LCD display screen for timer and temperature.

Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker

Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Cheese MakerOne of the most uniquely designed yogurt cum cheese makers available in the market, this appliance from Donvier is something which every modern home must have in their kitchen. Unlike all normal yogurt makers that process plain yogurt, this one has the capability of turning yogurt into yogurt cheese which is much more healthy and fat free than the normal yogurt. Not just that, it is quite tasty too.

The Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt cheese maker has the unique feature of Converting a minimum of three cups of yogurt, whether homemade or market made into one cup of yogurt cheese which is a healthier alternative of yogurt in about 24 hours time. For those of us who are new to the concept of yogurt cheese, here is what yogurt cheese is: Yogurt cheese is low-fat and healthier alternative to our daily food products that comprise of cream cheese, mayonnaise and sometimes even sour cream. You can use yogurt cheese instead of these products to stay fitter. The appliance unit consists of a plastic container for the storage of yogurt and a stainless-steel fine-mesh strainer that will help you make the yogurt cheese without much trouble and hassle.

It is to be noted here that the container and whatever other parts that there has a dishwasher-safe container seal to prevent any unnecessary odour transfer from the appliance to the rest of the yogurt or room. There is also a small booklet with simple instructions and recipes for using yogurt cheese included in it so as to ensure that the maker does not have trouble when using it for the very first time. Unique as the concept of cheese maker is, it is advisable that all those who want to stay fitter than they really are shall go for this new kind of appliance and give it a try because it really is as effective and promising as it appears to be.


  1. It is double service enabled yogurt cum cheese maker with all the required appliances.
  2. All the different parts that come with this appliance are dishwasher proof.
  3. There is a very helpful booklet attached with the maker as well for the first timers.
  4. Yogurt cheese is a healthy alternative to yogurt and other creams we consume; therefore it does deserve a try.
  5. A very promising new technique which shall be given a try once.

As it has been mentioned, this yogurt maker and the yogurt cum cheese maker are two very effective appliances, specially designed for individuals who need to adopt more healthy and ergonomic life style. They won’t only give you a better physique and a smarter lifestyle but also make you change the normal day to day food habits by boosting up your metabolism. Yogurt and its benefits are not hidden from any of us and therefore if you choose to buy a yogurt maker, you actually choose a much smarter and healthier lifestyle.

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