Commercial Yogurt Maker and Equipment

In the world driven by innovations, we need to be super fast in everything we do. From technically driven logistics to vending ice creams in a restaurant. In the restaurants where people come in large numbers, it is necessary for workers at restaurants to be quick in serving to avoid any debate. The new in class and innovative commercial yogurt makers are here only to help you in many ways and saving you a lot of time. These commercial yogurt makers are different from normal yogurt makers and have several advantages over them.

Keeping in mind that while normal yogurt makers are small in sizes and can not perform bulk actions, they even don’t have any proper systems to help you like number of dispenses, LED display system and etc. but you find all these in a commercial yogurt maker. The best commercial yogurt makers must be easily available at the cheap rates . They can be used to make large amount of yogurt at once. The overall process which is required to make yogurt is also less time consuming. There are many commercial yogurt makers available in the market. Here are the best some of those with reviews.

Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine, Frozen Yogurt Machine 12L/hour Single Flavor

Commercial Yogurt Maker 12L per hourThis best of the lot commercial frozen yogurt machine can perform several tasks at once. From making soft ice cream to vending it, it has all the features which can save your blushes at times of rush. This Machine comes with number of features like it has LED light digital display system, which acknowledges you It with various things. For example, it shows the temperature of feed hoppers, the amount of ice creams you have sold and also the percent value of producing progress. It also comes with number of automated freezing systems (Saginomity solenoid valve, Aspera compress, danfosss expansion valve) which provides it with fast-cooling, good quality ice creams and accurate regulation.

It also has accounting system, which records number of dispenses per day and number of dispenses but if some calculation goes wrong it also comes with a reset key to reset the numbers and restart the calculations. The advanced LED system also alerts you if there is low liquid mix as the mix low LED light turns on automatically reminding you to mix some more water, this also prevents cylinder from over freezing. The automatic systems also help it in making ice cream automatically and it will standby when target hardness is reached or the machine is left unused for longer time. It is also worm and the gear of this commercial yogurt maker reduces the noise level. You can additionally reduce the speed at once in one step. Precool (auxiliary) feature keeps the remaining slurry fresh in hopper. Pre-cooling Raw material lowers the temperature of slurry in hopper that results in boosted cooling.

While it comes in single flavor, it also packs with large Volume cylinder which helps in big production. With this much great features this commercial yogurt maker is surely one of the best available in the market.


  1. Nature friendly with CFC free refrigerants
  2. Independent pre cooling system
  3. Big container helps in big production
  4. Long service life
  5. Anti- explosive starting best for safety purpose
  6. Hygienic, High over run which increase cream taste yields 30% more with good taste.
  7. Advance innovative LED display systems.

Lello Musso Pola 5030 Commercial Dessert Maker

Lello MussoPola 5030 Commercial yogurt makerThis large capacity dessert maker comes with two-quart capacity. It is, an ideal machine to be used by commercial ice cream makers and obviously. It is electronic too. This dessert maker can make up to six quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato in an hour’s time. Such capacity is rare to find in any usual commercial yogurt maker.

Another amazing quality of this yogurt maker is its stainless steel make which makes it durable for long time use. Since it is a long term investment, one looks for an ice cream maker which is durable and this is a suitable match for it. Even the blade in this machine is made up of stainless steel, rendering it durability. It has a well made and self contained freezing unit which does not require any salt or ice. This means no mess while you’re processing it.

  1. Made of hundred percent stainless steel.
  2. It has a self contained freezing unit.
  3. It can make up to six-quarts of desserts in just one hour.
  4. It is very user friendly.
  5. Its durability cannot be doubted.

Commercial Soft Ice Cream Maker, Frozen Yogurt Machine for Home or Small Business 22L/hour One Flavor

Commercial Soft Frozen Yogurt MachineThis commercial soft ice cream maker is a very unique machine in others of its race. It has an LED digital display system that shows temperature of feed hoppers, the amount of ice cream you sold and also the percentage value of producing progress.

It comes with an accounting system which records number of dispenses per day and total number of dispenses. It has a key as well using which you can reset these numbers. It has an amazing low liquid mix level alert which means, when the level of liquid goes down, it will send you an alert and the light for the same gets switched on. On standby, the machine starts making frozen yogurt automatically and goes on stand by when target hardness is reached. The range varies from 3-12 minutes.


  1. IT has an extraordinary LED system.
  2. Comes with an accounting system too.
  3. It has a low quality liquid mix level and light too.
  4. Pre cooling and fresh keeping options available.
  5. On standby the machine starts making ice creams automatically.
  6. Very user friendly and good for commercial uses.

All these commercial ice cream and yogurt making as well as vending machines are very excellent for commercial purposes. They can be used for restaurants as well as homes that require a lot of yogurt on per day bases. They have a huge electricity requirement so that should be taken care of.

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