Best Vegan Yogurt Starter Reviews

Yogurt starters are a pack of ingredients which are needed for making yogurt. Their basic contents are a mixture of skimmed milk powder, sucrose or sugar, a little amount of scorbutic acid and lactic bacteria (good bacteria) which help ferment the milk and turn it into yogurt.

These yogurt starters are used by people who make yogurt at home. Making yogurt at home is an easy process which can be mastered by making yogurt a few numbers of times. One should prefer buying meticulously manufactured and scientifically balanced yogurt starters to keep safe. These yogurt starters come in various flavors and cultures and can be brought according to one’s choice. These yogurt starters cultures vary from one to another in taste and consistency, the choice depends entirely on individual as to which one is better on their taste buds.

Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter, 1ounce box (Pack of 3)

Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt StarterThe yogurt starter from yogourmet is a five star rated product, praised by the users for its taste and efficiency. The product has also been given a best seller rating on various online shopping portals. The product mentioned here comes in a pack of total nine yogurt starters and it is efficient for using with cow’s milk, soy milk or goat’s milk too.

However, is suggested to be used with specific carbohydrate diet. Each box of these yogurt starters is enough to make six quarts of yogurt. It is suggested to check the expiration date before using it. These starters are scientifically balanced to ensure that you can make smooth, creamy and great tasting yogurt every time. No matter whichever yogurt maker you use, it works fin with all of them. It can also be reused from one yogurt to another more than once rather than needing a starter packet every time. The sugars added in it are converted into lactic acid while cooking; hence they can be eaten even by diabetic people. It can even be successfully used in almond milk. Hence this product is one culture with many benefits.


  1. Can last almost a year if used wisely even if yogurt is made daily.
  2. Makes firm and tasty yogurt.
  3. Can be used a number of times.
  4. Suitable for even diabetic people.
  5. The flavor is not at all over powering.
  6. A five star rated product.
  7. Incubates in about eight hours.

Yogourmet Casei Bifidus Yogurt Starter

Yogourmet Casei Bifidus Yogurt Starter reviewsThis is another product from Yogourmet is an excellent product and a great yogurt starter culture. As the name itself suggests, the bacteria used is hundred percent pro bio-tic and scientifically balanced. The culture is strictly thermophilic and it requires heating the milk before use.

Temperature is a very important factor when one is making yogurt by outing yogurt starter cultures in it. If the temperature is not maintained, the taste can turn utterly sour and acidic. It can be used to make yogurt with any desired yogurt maker. The yogurt made from this is very supple and not at all thin. The taste is very smooth and full bodied. It adds an edge to the taste of yogurt. This six-ounce box comes with a total of twelve starter packets. These starter packets can be used with soy milk, goat milk, cow milk and even almond milk for the strictly vegan lot. The starter culture contains some extra added pro bio-tic bacteria too to make the yogurt even healthier. Talking of capacity, each box in this package can make almost six quarts and even more of yogurt. Buy them once and you won’t need to buy another yogurt starter pack for another year round. ALSO, this does not make any compromise with the taste of yogurt either. You can eat them with fruits without adding sugar.


  1. It can be used with any yogurt making machine.
  2. It can make yogurt from any ilk, even almond one.
  3. It comes with additional pro bio-tic.
  4. Each box is enough for making six quarts of yogurt.
  5. The taste is not acidic at all.
  6. Gives very thick, healthy and tasty yogurt.
  7. One packet can be used throughout the year.

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter

Euro Cuisine best Yogurt StarterThe euro Cuisine yogurt starter is a frozen and dried yogurt starter and is called a concentrated formula for a firm yogurt. It has two five gram packets of yogurt starters which gives yogurt a very delicious and tasty taste.

Each packet, of five grams each can be used for forty-two oz. of milk each. This is a good capacity, when talking of yogurt starters. You can even use a homemade batch as a starter. In order to ensure that the batch is not watery, one needs to leave it on for at least twelve hours. Another plus point about this starter is that it does not have an expiration date, which means you can use it for as long as you want to. This starter culture does not need to be kept in the freezer; you can leave it in the open as well. It just should be kept air tight.

The texture of the yogurt made using these yogurt starters is very thick and supple on the mouth. The yogurt starter tastes much better than any other casual yogurt starter. The best part is that it brews up in just three hours, while others might take almost twelve to eighteen hours.


  1. A five star rated product at a very cheap price.
  2. Much better than all other yogurt starters.
  3. Can be used by adding just fruits too.
  4. Does not taste acidic at all.
  5. Very conventional and can be used in any yogurt maker.
  6. Gives thick and delicious yogurt.

Yogurt starters give a better flavor and a refined taste to your yogurt. They also come in easy to use packs of lesser quantities which help you use one at a time.

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